Paige Smith

Paige hasn't always dreamed of conquering the world. That has only come about just recently, but she has always dreamed of telling stories. Whether through a lens or a pen, people have been her main subjects for over a decade.

Her camera is her third baby (the other two like to make big messes and tell fart jokes) and has traveled thousands of miles at her side. A loyal companion, her camera has opened doors, created opportunities, and softened hearts along her way. When she's not taking pictures, Paige loves to spend time in the great outdoors hiking, running, biking, and playing soccer with her family. When she gets really bored and there's nothing on Netflix, she's known to spend time in the kitchen reading cook books (imaging she were a real chef).

Paige's documentary work has been recognized by Photo Alliance San Francisco, Open Show SF, the International Center for Photography, and the National Geographic Your Shot community. She was recently awarded the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Nikon scholarship.

Her family and child portraits have been featured on The Little Umbrella (formerly and Let the Kids Dress Themselves.

Paige is currently located in Woodside, California and is available for travel worldwide. 

For information about rates and availability, please contact her at:


call/text: 650-713-9797