My personal approach to photography

I clutched my bag to my chest and tried as best I could to find a comfortable position wedged between two daily commuters just like me. One had his ear buds in, eyes closed, hoodie up, while listening to something with a heavy beat on his iPod. It felt too early to be listening to anything that heavy, much less that loud. The other was well-dressed and recently groomed. I could smell the Palmade in his slick, black hair and see a few drops of water behind his ears. We swayed in unison with the train as it halted and surged like a 15-year-old at the wheel.

I spent a summer staring at those faces in the crowd on the New York City subway. But I didn’t just see empty eyes and cloaked emotions. I saw stories. I saw depth and character in each wrinkle and every smile, and it left me with an enormous sense of wonder. That same wonder, that sense of curiosity for the faces around me, never left as I went on to complete a degree in journalism, have two kids, and travel around the world.

Photography, something I have loved since childhood, opens a window to the souls of the people I meet. There is something one feels when looking into the eyes of a stranger that can not be described in words. It is something that can only be felt. I want my photographs to convey those feelings to others through the artistic manipulation of light, composition, and moment. I want my photographs to open a small window to the souls of my subjects and whisper their story to the viewer.

Photography is my passion and my life’s work. When I'm not photographing strangers in foreign lands, I photograph my family in our home, wherever that home may be. My children have been my favorite subjects since they exited the womb. Their eyes on film, with emotions unveiled, describe everything I love about photography.